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IMO the best thing that Beagle can probably integrate is the ability to extract text.

For example, if I want to extract all links from a certain folder of evolution, I can have them, OR
if I want links from certain website, I can have them, OR
if I want all email addresses from indexed files I must be able to have them, OR
if I need to extract all words containing the word "foo" they must be displayed ...

It might need to identify indexed content. http links, https links, ftp links, sftp links, email, plaintext, HTML (so that HTML tags do not turn up in results), etc.

I am sure this has many practical applications. Like:
1. While surfing on blogs, I come across many interesting links and I don't want to type them all down. So later, I can simply search for the blog, and then search for all links on this blog.
2. While using Evolution I receive a lot of interesting links from friends, co-workers, etc. I wrote a Perl script to extract these links and the number was around 4 thousand something. Without context, these are useless. I don't know what a certain link links to - or whether it is from friends or co-worker. So, if I could simply say that I want all links from a certain folder ... bla bla :-) and it said Bingo! ... ? Life would be pleasant.

(Additionally, IMHO, datewise search could also be a great add-on).

Thanks for such a wonderful application,


Chintan Zaveri.

On Thu, 2006-06-01 at 21:04 +0100, none none wrote:
The best thing beagle search could do would be to allow the user to
add the program to their evolution calendar as a reminder... just a


On 29/05/06, Daniel Drake <dsd gentoo org> wrote:
> Daniel Nixon wrote:
> Displaying xmltv search results is one thing, but you also need to
> consider how you are going to act on them when the user clicks on the
> search results. This was the major showstopper when I was looking into
> this - there didn't appear to be any standard application which would
> allow Beagle to say "display the file foo.xml" or "display the program
> at 8pm on Tuesday".
> Daniel
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