Re: Query results disambiguation


Dnia 08-06-2006, czw o godzinie 14:48 -0400, Joe Shaw napisał(a):

> Results generally are capped at 100 per backend.  So if a search for
> "north" would result in more than 100, this is to be expected.

It seems to be the problem (solution?), also like dBera suggested. I did
more queries using beagle-query (I forgot to test it earlier...) and
restricted my queries to certain mime types: searching for pdf files
including "north" returned documents missing from my original general

So, again like dBera suggests: maybe beagle (gui) should provide some
information like "narrow your search" or allow to select file types? 

BTW - my case was that I *wanted* to display *all* documents including
"north", I knew that if I narrowed my searches I would have got better
results. But how many keywords shall I use to be sure that they covered
all my files?

And I don't think in English (for those who think that one thinks in a
language ;), so I didn't realize that "north" had other meanings until I
went through 100 documents about "North America", "North Africa", "North
Carolina" etc... 

> You could try running beagle-extract-content on a file which contains
> both "north" and "douglass" that isn't being found when you search and
> see if the textual data is actually being extracted correctly.
Text is extracted, some files do not have "hot content" (?), others do.
They show up if I restrict queries to certain mime types. 

Thank you both for your replies. 


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