Re: Searching email

On 6/5/06, Sharninder <sharninder_khera symantec com> wrote:

for me. I tried searching for holidays (after moving your email to an
offline folder) and beagle did get your mail for me. But I couldn't open
it for some reason in evolution ! Beagle just opened a blank evolution
window. Will have to check upon that.

Thats just it, I am not using IMAP, I fetch all my mail using  pop
support, it is all local mail.  (Not this gmail account, I use thios
account soley for mailing lists, but my other personal accoubnt)

The strange think is that it is finding the same word in the message
bodies of older mails, some going back years.  But not anything in the
bodies since may!

Should I remove my beagle index and start again?  Is it a clitch some how?


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