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  • [Evolution] Can't connect to calendar, Jeffrey Needle
  • [Evolution] Ways to reduce IMAP caching?, Nico Rikken
  • [Evolution] preferred version of webkit-gtk for evolution?, Joakim Tjernlund
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  • [Evolution] Mailing list moderators wanted, Andre Klapper
  • Re: [Evolution] evolution-list Digest, Vol 117, Issue 22, Srinivasan, Rajini
  • [Evolution] FW: Evolution email client for Windows 7, Srinivasan, Rajini
  • [Evolution] Evolution 3.85/Centos7/SSL does not work, Tom
  • [Evolution] Evolution email client for Windows 7, Srinivasan, Rajini
  • [Evolution] Text cut off when printing Evolution Emails, Harvey Nimmo
  • [Evolution] Store copies of own email in same folder., Axel Kittenberger
  • [Evolution] Right Clicking in To: Field deselects current selection., Axel Kittenberger
  • [Evolution] How does evolution pick the browser to open links with?, Robert Munteanu
  • [Evolution] 3.16.1 issues (on Arch), Carl Schaefer
  • [Evolution] Backend Configuration, Laverne Schrock
  • Re: [Evolution] Use of numbered items followed by tabs caused evolution 3.13.7 to crash, cigtoxdoc
  • [Evolution] Evolution 3.16.1: Internal errors, no Hotmail, and issues with Contacts, Ryan Owens
  • [Evolution] 3.16.0 issues: Unwanted animation of the switcher and preview pane, retrieving emails is broken, Ralf Mardorf
  • [Evolution] Evolution does not auto send, Nick Longo
  • [Evolution] Evolution 3.85/Centos7/SSL does not work, Lee Moberg
  • [Evolution] per-message From: header, Carl Schaefer
  • [Evolution] How does evolution choose apps with which to open attachments?, Jonathan Ryshpan
  • [Evolution] Crashing evolution preview reliably with a piece of spam, Peter von Kaehne
  • Re: [Evolution] Evolution -> ownCloud calendar: "Unacceptable TLS certificate", Milan Crha
  • Re: [Evolution] Upgrade Evolution outside of Ubuntu mechanism, Tim Wescott

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