[Evolution] 3.16.1 issues (on Arch)

over the last week 3.16 has been working pretty well for me, except in
a few ways:

1) on startup Evolution will usually report 
     Failed to connect to 'Gmail' / Unknown error
   but it appears connect successfully, as far as I can see.

2) when Evolution goes offline then online (for example, when my
laptop suspends and resumes) it usually can't finish going online;
there will be one server connection that is stuck in the bar at the
bottom (though not always the same server), e.g.

  Reconnecting to 'Gmail' (cancelling)

after which point fetching mail and sending mail works, but loading
images (Ctrl-I) doesn't, and online/offline toggling appears to do
nothing.  I have to close and restart to restore normal operation.  In
this state close doesn't work right away; after 60 seconds a dialog
box appears:

    Close Evolution with pending background operations?

    Evolution is taking a long time to shut down, possibly due to
    network connectivity issues. Would you like to cancel all pending
    operations and close immediately, or keep waiting?

    Close Immediately     Keep Waiting

This problem happens most times that Evolution goes offline, but seems
more likely when a server folder is selected (as opposed to one from
"On This Computer").

3) Undoing Ctrl-Delete or Ctrl-Backspace in the compose window doesn't
work properly if the number of characters deleted was greater than 1. 
 For example, if I type "123" in the body part of a compose window,
then Ctrl-Backspace to delete all three characters, then Ctrl-Z to
undo the deletion, only "3" is restored.

I'm glad to gather more information if that would be helpful.

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