Re: [Evolution] Evolution 3.16.1: Internal errors, no Hotmail, and issues with Contacts

On Wed, 2015-04-15 at 21:44 -0500, Ryan Owens wrote:
I am receiving error messages such as "Internal Server Error", and 
"The reported error was "Error performing NOOP: unexpected server 
response:"." when Evolution starts/ I force a resync of email.  My 
Gmail and School Email work fine.  I have also reset the accounts in 
Gnome-online-Accounts but it does not solve the issue. What can I do 
to fix this?

it looks like some issue either with the server or with the connection
to the server, which can involve also proxy settings, vpn connection
and so on.

I was dealing with something similar with another user recently, there
was an issue with connection to an Exchange server using evolution
-ews, which exhibited similar errors. After some (slightly longer)
investigation the user realized that the issue was with his modem. He
restarted it and the EWS account begun to work properly again.

I do not think you face the same issue, even it would be a very nice
coincidence, I want to demonstrate with it that the unexpected
connection issues are truly unexpected. Try to poke the server admins,
maybe they were doing some maintenance when you've been trying to
connect to that server(s).

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