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  • [Evolution] Can evolution show the count of unseen emails?, Jorge
  • [Evolution] Evolution does not show any LDAP contact; Claws-mail does, Jorge
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  • [Evolution] evolution-ews? message status problem, Danila Reznichuk
  • [Evolution] keyring?, David Smith
  • [Evolution] Backup Evolution Data .. only works for "On This Computer"?, Joakim Tjernlund
  • [Evolution] Greetings and Calendar Question, Josh Scott
  • [Evolution] off-list Re: DEB files 3.18.1 from https://launchpad.net/~tista/+archive/ubuntu/wayland/+build/8104779, Tom Davies
  • [Evolution] DEB files 3.18.1 from https://launchpad.net/~tista/+archive/ubuntu/wayland/+build/8104779, John Lauterbach
  • [Evolution] Spell Checking in Calendar, Rudolf Künzli
  • [Evolution] Bug 749712 - Undo/Redo in composer doesn't work right, Dario Lesca
  • [Evolution] Hundreds of copies in Sent/Drafts, Roland Wammers
  • [Evolution] Scratch configuration questions to evolution 3.12.9, rbre gmx
  • [Evolution] Evolution EWS not syncing calendar appointments, Juan Gabriel Ossa
  • [Evolution] pre-formatted, Wolf Drechsel
  • [Evolution] TLS Client certificate authentification for accessing Addressbook/Calendar via WebDAV, gdna
  • Re: [Evolution] mails retrieved through davmail disappear, Xavier Bestel
  • [Evolution] Evolution not showing Inbox, sigurgeirg
  • Re: [Evolution] Backing up Evolution Data, rbre gmx
  • [Evolution] (no subject), rost52
  • [Evolution] Recurring meetings must be saved, Joakim Tjernlund
  • [Evolution] Weird issue processing the email header 'To' field, Olivier Langlois

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