Re: [Evolution] Messages with large text attachments bog Evolution down

On Wed, 2015-10-28 at 17:16 -0700, Tim Wescott wrote:
Is there a way to tell Evolution to NOT automagically expand text
attachments by default?

evolution doesn't usually show text attachments inline on its own,
there's a "flag" in the message headers which tells the client to do

Nonetheless, it depends on the version of the Evolution you use, there
can be a problem with the text-highlight module, eventually the issue
related to this bug (and couple other):

I'm not going to paste here links for all possible/related bugs, there
are plenty of them filled and fixed within the latest 3.18.1 stable
release of the Evolution. Some are only "fixed" (call it workaround),
like the above bug link, you can still get to the state of the "slow
view of the attachment", but not that easily in usual cases like
before, only after you manually click the attachment to be viewed.

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