Re: [Evolution] Scratch configuration questions to evolution 3.12.9 Part2

Andre thanks for the very good note
You can read and edit evolution's data by using evolution.

Who can answer competently, complete and detailed these questions?

I thought it was a complete and competent answer - he told you where to
find out the file locations and how to read the files, as you asked. Wh
at was wrong with it?

Now I need to know which files belong together.
* .local / * .config and dconf and the name of the directory
I WANT to make a backup from scratch

File -> Backup Evolution Data

with this files/topics
notes, signatures, calendar, birthday, e-mail

where ist the file stored = system-address-book
where ist the file stored = system-calendar

It's easy enough to find given that you have been told where to find
out the data locations

I must compare the files in a shell Editor
cause there are two partitions on a PC

Some of the files will not be text files - so I don't know how a "shell
Editor" will help.

Therefore, the second partition is newly installed
that everything is original.

I learned how I can edit the HOME/.config/dconf. 
With alt + f2 + dconf-Editor.

org \ gnome \ evolution 
default-address-book    = system-address-book
default-calendar        = system-calendar

The bottom line is that you should not be messing around with
Evolution's internal data files - especially, as seems the case, you
don't really know what you are doing.  You *will* break something.


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