Re: [Evolution] Bug 749712 - Undo/Redo in composer doesn't work right

Dario Lesca wrote:

(NOTE: enable the external editor it's not a valid solution)

Ah. I found this note down here but somehow the reasons why "it's
a valid solution" seem to have gotten lost. :(
The reason are many, I have set external editor to "gedit", and the
html format of message is lost. ...  I have try set it to
and the html format and text indented is lost ... If i open a new
message, type some text, then open the external editor and close it
without modify or save it, the format of text into internal editor of
mail message is change, all line is join into one line ... And many

The external one is a second-class editor.

Personally, I would find useful that the builtin editor was implemented
as an external editor (ie. the “external editor” interface would be
augmented and the composer would run as a different program).
That would provide a better separation and ease performing some
improvements. By supporting every feature, a better composer could be
prototyped, and even support having multiple composers installed.
However, that would require that all interactions with the main program
(address books, signatures, draft saving…), are done via dbus IPC,
which is probably not how it's currently done.

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