Re: [Evolution] keyring?

El martes 20 de octubre de 2015 a las 0:21, escribió "David Smith" <davidleosmith1 yahoo com>

The reported error was "Failed to obtain an access token for '???? ??? com': No 
credentials found in the keyring".

Note that I'm not using gnome because it stopped working. I'm now using Xfce on
 the Fedora distribution. I recently decided to try to use evolution, but I
cannot because of this error.

Any ideas?

You don't say if you did a new install or simply installed XFCE in an existing installation. In the latter 
case, make sure you have gnome-keyring in applications to run at startup. If this is a new install, you will 
need some keyring installed and running. If that keyring is not gnome-keyring, then I believe you will need 
libgnome-keyring installed. (The latter inferred from my system that uses another keyring but with the gnome 
library file installed.)

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