Re: [Evolution] evolution-ews? message status problem

On Tue, 2015-10-20 at 14:04 +0000, Danila Reznichuk wrote:
It's very interesting but in subfolders i see actual information

the shared Inbox is not treated any differently, could it be that the
server doesn't report the change there? What if you mark one message
read, then move to another folder and back? It'll store the change to
the server, and when you come back it'll update current status of the
whole folder.

I know that the Exchange servers have an option to store read statuses
per user, it's for public folders for sure. Shared folders might
require proper Permissions for the users.

Could you ask one of your colleagues to do another change in the Inbox,
not only changing the read/unread flag on one message, but set a label
on it, or delete one message, or add a new message (copy to that folder
a new test message) - to verify whether other changes are recognized by
your Evolution?

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