Re: [Evolution] Scratch configuration questions to evolution 3.12.9 Part2

Hello together,

Sorry I find apparently never the right words to describe what I would
Either I find a way for individual backups of the emails, contacts,
notes, calendar/birthdays, and signatures.
Or I can find a backup way directly at the file level with direct
insight into the files so that I can compare it.

All evolution data have been taken over since
because errors have crept in which I otherwise can get rid.

The objective is and remains the old loads to get rid of for a current
and stable evolution.

now I'm looking for a way on the file level.
but since the configuration files are spread out I need to know now. 
There need I now a competent reply so that I now step for step all files
can compare.
I ask for your help

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Betreff: Re: [Evolution] Scratch configuration questions to evolution
3.12.9 Part2
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On Sat, 2015-10-10 at 12:33 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:
Now I need to know which files belong together.
* .local / * .config and dconf and the name of the directory
I WANT to make a backup from scratch

File -> Backup Evolution Data

Just remember that Backup in this context means "copy data for the
purposes of restoring your entire Evolution setup on a different
system". It does *not* mean "take a snapshot of changed files so you
can rewind to an earlier state if something bad happens". You can use
it that way, but it will be painful.

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