[Evolution] off-list Re: DEB files 3.18.1 from https://launchpad.net/~tista/+archive/ubuntu/wayland/+build/8104779

Hi :)  
I reckon just put them in a folder with each other and use the "dpkg -i" as a first  go.  IF there are any problems then you can probably handle them fairly easily yourself.  If you get a list of unmet dependencies then 
Ctrl c but with the Shift key too when you are on a command-line  = copy
similarly with Ctrl v and Shift

Regards from 
Tom :)  

On 16 October 2015 at 19:18, John Lauterbach <lauterba bellsouth net> wrote:
In what order do the following DEB files need to be installed?


  • evolution-3.18.1+git20151008-0ubuntu2~wily1
  • evolution-common-3.18.1+git20151008-0ubuntu2~wily1
  • evolution-dbg-3.18.1+git20151008-0ubuntu2~wily1
  • evolution-dev-3.18.1+git20151008-0ubuntu2~wily1
  • evolution-plugins-3.18.1+git20151008-0ubuntu2~wily1
  • evolution-plugins-experimental-3.18.1+git20151008-0ubuntu2~wily1
  • libevolution-3.18.1+git20151008-0ubuntu2~wily1

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