Re: [Evolution] Greetings and Calendar Question

Thank you very much Mr. Milan Crha for your attention to my Evolution client problems.

Before I received your reply, I had good success uninstalling Evolution and installing Mozilla Thunderbird (Thunderbird on Debian).  Uninstalling solved the problems with the calendar-factory service.  Thunderbird also allows me to map contacts data fields from my csv file on import which is really important (Evolution provides no field mapping for some reason, and also doesn't automatically map the fields from KAddressBook correctly on import).  Thunderbird also has a calendar extension that seems to work really well.  In order to continue using Evolution I would have had to solve current problems then manually re-enter my contacts and calendar items data, as importing using existing facilities in Evolution was not working satisfactorily for my contacts or my calendar.

I'll try Evolution again in the future because I really like it.  Thank you again.


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