Re: [Evolution] Hundreds of copies in Sent/Drafts

thank you for your quick response. I have responded to your questions

Is this IMAP to gmail? How did you provision the account? (Was it
Evolution or Gnome-online-Account?)

Nope, it's just my regular hosting and mail provider. I believe they
use Horde for IMAP (but I might be wrong). The account was configured
by going through the standard setup process of Evolution.

It may well be a bug in Evolution, I haven't got 3.18.x anywhere so
can't test it. It sounds as though Evolution is getting a response
from the server saying that the save was unsuccessful and so it tries
again - or it is getting a response it doesn't understand and
interprets it as failure.

The logs do not indicate an error sent by the server.

Try changing the sent folder to a local one to make sure that works.

Try changing it back to the remote folder - just reconfiguring the
folder like that has been known to "normalise" things.

Did that already - no dice. :-/

I don't know if it is an issue here, but try changing the number of
concurrent connections to '1' - gmail has been known to be a bit
sensitive to multiple connections and it might be that Evo is
interpreting non-response on multiple connection as failure.

As indicated above, there is no error sent by the server. Session is
closed normally.

However, I now found that after fully resetting Evolution, restarting X
and reconfiguring from scratch things seem to work as before. I had
tried recreating the account previously, but apparently this makes a
difference compared to fully resetting Evolution. Thanks again for your



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