[Evolution] Hundreds of copies in Sent/Drafts

Hi All,

I have recently upgraded from version 3.16 to 3.18, using the official package on Arch Linux. Since then (I believe) I can no longer correctly send or save messages from my IMAP account. When I do try to send or save a message, I am presented with a notification bar that says "Saving message to Sent/Drafts" (depending on the action). The progress indicator shows 100 % but the notification bar does not disappear/close. I can easily cancel it, but when I do and look at the Sent/Drafts folder, there are tens, hundreds or even thousands of copies of the message I tried to send/save.

Apparently when hitting the send/save button, Evolution will send the message (which is really delivered), but when it tries to store a copy in the Sent folder, this action is repeated over and over and over again - same story with the Drafts folder. Using

CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx:io evolution

I have been able to verify that Evolution is storing the same message repetitively on the server which is carried out by the server without complaining.

Needless to say, this is really annoying and makes using Evolution rather cumbersome at the moment. Are any of you seeing the same issue? Do you have any idea what I might do to overcome this? TIA!



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