Re: [Evolution] evolution-ews? message status problem

On Вс., 2015-10-25 at 23:36 +0100, Ángel González wrote:
Danila Reznichuk wrote:
Any changes made by my colleagues, or by me in evolution 3.10 (from
Ubuntu repositories) don't sync in 3.18.1
If i move mail to subfolder, it appears there, but don't remove from

It seems like i was wrong about subfolder synchronization, because
messages don't update too

The only thing i noticed, that when i read mail in my account in 3.10
i have about 10 minutes delay before 3.18.1 mark this message unread
I set check mail option for 2 minutes, but even f5 don't work, it
show new messages

What are your colleagues using for reading the email? Your last message
remembered me the problem with evolution (3.10 I think) not saving the
status of IMAP messages immediately (you can use the trick of changing
to another folder). So it may not be a problem with 3.18 but with 3.10…

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All my colleges use MS Outlook
This is not IMAP account, this is EWS Account
This problem not affected on 3.10

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