Re: [Evolution] Greetings and Calendar Question

On Fri, 2015-10-16 at 17:19 -0600, Josh Scott wrote:
I run Debian Jessie at home with Gnome 3.14 and Evolution 3.12.9.

pity they provide only 3.12.9, it's even not the latest 3.12.x version
(that's 3.12.11). Evolution skipped 3.14 and jumped over to 3.16, while
the current stable version is 3.18.1. That means your distribution
gives you almost a year old version (3.12.9 was released on 2014-12-08, 
and 3.12.11 on 2015-02-09; 3.18.1 was released a week ago).

1) I can't edit the recurring appointments ('sorry you cant edit
this' errors)

I'm pretty sure that text is not complete, evolution gives also the
reason. One possible reason for meetings (not necessary recurring) is
that the filled organizer doesn't match any of your configured mail
accounts, thus the reason is "because you are not the organizer". I'm
not aware of any other reason for On This Computer/Personal calendar.

2) lately evolution-calendar-factory started causing 100% cpu and my
disk starting filling up.

To see what evolution-calendar-factory does, eventually why it uses the
CPU, get the backtrace of it when it's running. Just install debug info
package for the evolution-data-server and then run this command:
  $ gdb --batch --ex "t a a bt" -pid=`pidof evolution-calendar-factory` &>bt.txt
when it'll use the CPU. Please check the bt.txt for any private
information, like passwords, email address, server addresses,... I
usually search for "pass" at least (quotes for clarity only).

I discovered /var/log/syslog is full of the following errors:

Oct 16 16:53:39 simplyred
org.gnome.evolution.dataserver.Calendar4[1049]: (evolution-calendar-
factory:1223): libecal-CRITICAL **: time_days_in_month: assertion
'year >= 1900' failed

That's new to me, looks like something went wrong with the local cache
for some reason. At least on the first look.

What's the best way to fix this?

Hard to tell, the cause is not known yet.

Can I simply delete
~/.config/evolution/sources/system-calendar.source and start over?

It would work for custom calendars, not for the system one, because
that stores the data always to the same place; in the calendar case:

If you'll not be able to figure out (and correct) the cause, then move
elsewhere this calendar.ics file, which will clean up the local

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