Re: [Evolution] keyring?

On Mon, 2015-10-19 at 15:21 -0700, David Smith wrote:
The reported error was "Failed to obtain an access token for
'???? ??? com': No credentials found in the keyring".

I second the question from Andre and Roy, it's really good to know and
verify these things.

With respect of the error message, if I'm not mistaken, then the error
is reported by the GNOME Online Accounts. Do you have your account
configured through it? Go to the Online Accounts (run
gnome-control-center if you do not have it running (I doubt it's
accessible in XFCE settings); the corresponding package in Fedora is
control-center (without the "gnome" prefix, for some reason)) and set
the password, or re-login (possibly to GMail) to get the access token
for the account. You might probably want to re-login your XFCE session
as well, thus the new access token is taken by the evolution background
processes (like the evolution-source-registry).

There had been reported some issues with GNOME Online Accounts in the
evolution-data-server in the past. Whether your version is affected or
not I cannot tell, because I do not know your exact version. The
current evolution stable version is 3.18.1, which has the GNOME Online
Accounts issues fixed.

        Hope it helps,

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