Re: [Evolution] mails retrieved through davmail disappear

Le mardi 06 octobre 2015 à 10:01 +0200, Xavier Bestel a écrit :
Le mercredi 30 septembre 2015 à 11:26 -0400, Adam Tauno Williams a
écrit :
Quoting Xavier Bestel <n0made free fr>:
I'm using Evolution 3.16 to access work email through davmail
I have to), with IMAP/CaldDAV/LDAP. My problem is that on mail
I see a notification with the Subject line of the new mail, when I
enter the corresponding INBOX I see briefly that the mail arrived
it disappears after like half a second.
And then the only mean to really see it is to quit Evo and restart
Does that ring any bell ?

I have not used DavMail but I wonder if perhaps you have a preview 
open and once the message is 'seen' it disappears from the view.

Do you possibly have your view set to "Unread Messages", if so if you
change that to "All Messages" are the messages visible?

If you have a preview open sitting on a message for a particular  
timeout will change the status of the message to read.

gsettings get org.gnome.evolution.mail mark-seen-timeout

Nope, I'm a long-time Evo user and I have tried all the obvious (to me)
things I could think of. Sometimes when I switch to the davmail account
in Evo some read mails even become unread again !
But generally the only way to see new mails is to quit and restart Evo.
It's a bit unnerving.

FWIW it's more or less solved by disabling IMAP notifications (I think
it's PUSH mail).


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