Re: [Evolution] off-list Re: DEB files 3.18.1 from

On Fri, 16 Oct 2015 21:47:48 +0100, Tom Davies wrote:
I reckon just put them in a folder with each other and use the "dpkg
-i" as a first  go.  IF there are any problems then you can probably
handle them fairly easily yourself.  If you get a list of unmet
dependencies then Ctrl c but with the Shift key too when you are on a
command-line  = copy similarly with Ctrl v and Shift

You can force to install the packages with unmet dependencies and then
let apt-get automatically fix it. Read my previously posts. There's no
reason to copy and paste anything. However, as already pointed out
earlier, installing the debug and development packages makes no sense.
I really doubt that somebody unfamilar with dpkg and apt plans to debug
Evolution or wants to write code that needs Evolution headers.

The OP should also be aware that Evolution might be compiled against
dedicated versions of some libraries. The unofficial packages might
work today, but tomorrow, after an upgrade of Ubuntu Wily from official
repositories Evolution might be broken regarding newer libraries, that
don't fit to the versions those unofficial packages require.

Downgrading Evolution might not work, so if nobody provides fixed
packages, the OP needs to compile Evolution or accept to lose data.

Ubuntu Wily isn't released yet, the OP likely needs more unofficial
support to maintain the Evolution install. It can't harm to point out
how to use dpkg and apt-get. I would test if a force option does the
job, before starting to copy and paste.


PS: Consider not to break threading and to change the subject at the
same time, if you CC the list ;).

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