Re: [Evolution] Scratch configuration questions to evolution 3.12.9 Part2

Sorry I find apparently never the right words to describe what I would

If language is an issue, then try writing in your native language AND
English, someone may be able to do a technical translation - just so we
get an idea of what you really want, because it is still not making
much sense. (But don't make a habit of it, the language of this list is

Either I find a way for individual backups of the emails, contacts,
notes, calendar/birthdays, and signatures.
Or I can find a backup way directly at the file level with direct
insight into the files so that I can compare it.

Compare it with what?

now I'm looking for a way on the file level.

A normal system backup will backup the files at the file level.

but since the configuration files are spread out I need to know now. 

What do you mean? You have been told the location of Evolution's data
files before - they are documented at

It can't be much more specific because the actual file names and
subdirectory names depends on your exact setup and are different for
each user. For instance it says in the document that data files are
stored in $HOME/.local/share/evolution - if you look in there (yes, go
ahead, look) then there are a number of directories relating to
individual Evolution components - i.e. addressbook, calendar, mail,
memos, tasks.  That's where your data are.

Digging deeper in, say, 'mail', you will find more directories
corresponding to particular mail locations.  If your mail is local to
the machine then the mail will be in 'local'.  The mail is held in
Maildir format in that folder.

There need I now a competent reply 

You've had many competent replies so far - why do you think they
aren't?? (Implying that the answers you have got so far are not
competent is actually quite offensive, but I am giving you the benefit
of the doubt because English is not your first language.)

so that I now step for step all files
can compare.

Compare with what.

And please remember that Evolution is a large and complex application -
it is almost impossible to give a step-by-step procedure for doing
something that the software was not designed for, that would be safe
for all instances. You have to do a bit of work yourself.

But I will say again, messing around with Evolution's internal data
files is not for a novice.  You will run a significant risk of
corrupting things.  You should never, ever, play around with an
applications internal files as a matter of course - all the information
out there is purely for debugging purposes.

If you want to make a backup of Evolution's data, then backup your home
filesystem as part of a normal backup regime.  You can also use
Evolution's internal backup procedures to create a backup file and then
back that up.  As Patrick said though, the Evolution backup is meant to
be an easy way of transferring data between machines during an upgrade,
it is not meant for day-to-day usage.


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