Re: [Evolution] Hundreds of copies in Sent/Drafts

I have recently upgraded from version 3.16 to 3.18, using the
official package on Arch Linux. Since then (I believe) I can no
longer correctly send or save messages from my IMAP account.

Is this IMAP to gmail?  How did you provision the account? (Was it via
Evolution or Gnome-online-Account?)

Apparently when hitting the send/save button, Evolution will send the
message (which is really delivered), but when it tries to store a
copy in the Sent folder, this action is repeated over and over and
over again - same story with the Drafts folder. Using

CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx:io evolution

I have been able to verify that Evolution is storing the same message
repetitively on the server which is carried out by the server without

It may well be a bug in Evolution, I haven't got 3.18.x anywhere so
can't test it.  It sounds as though Evolution is getting a response
from the server saying that the save was unsuccessful and so it tries
again - or it is getting a response it doesn't understand and
interprets it as failure.

Needless to say, this is really annoying and makes using Evolution
rather cumbersome at the moment. Are any of you seeing the same
issue? Do you have any idea what I might do to overcome this? TIA!

Try changing the sent folder to a local one to make sure that works.

Try changing it back to the remote folder - just reconfiguring the sent
folder like that has been known to "normalise" things.

I don't know if it is an issue here, but try changing the number of
concurrent connections to '1' - gmail has been known to be a bit
sensitive to multiple connections and it might be that Evo is
interpreting non-response on multiple connection as failure.

If non of this works, file a bug in bugzilla with as much information
in it as possible, including the sanitised debug logs.  It would be
helpful if you posted the bugzilla number here to this thread so that
others looking at a similar issue can follow it up.


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