Re: [Evolution] Evolution does not show any LDAP contact; Claws-mail does

On Thu, 2015-10-29 at 15:29 -0200, Jorge wrote:
[the first reply did not reach the list]

right, it was originated only to me ;) (feel free to use Ctrl+L to
"Reply to List" - works for me on this list at least, though some users
prefer "Reply to All" which makes sense in some cases too).

I changed Search Scope to "Subtree" and now it works!  Thank you.


Funny, I thought I had tested that configuration before.  Maybe I was
unlucky enough that some unrelated malfunction occurred just when I
was testing Search Scope = Subtree.

Yeah, possible, maybe the change wasn't propagated properly to the
backend. Who knows. Good it works now.

By the way, the difference is how much work you ask to be done by the
server. The Subtree means to search in the whole hierarchy started by
the Search Base, while the One Level searches only the first child and
doesn't dive deeper in the hierarchy. The later works for flat
directories, not for more complicated hierarchies.

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