Re: [Evolution] mails retrieved through davmail disappear

I'm using Evolution 3.16 to access work email through davmail (because
I have to), with IMAP/CaldDAV/LDAP.

I know this isn't really the question you asked! But I'm quite
surprised that you can't use the native Evolution-EWS package to get to
the Exchange server (which is what I'm presuming you are connecting
to). I used davmail when our work Exchange system had a complicated
proxy setup that Evo-MAPI couldn't cope with - but since moving to EWS
it has worked fine.

 My problem is that on mail receive,
I see a notification with the Subject line of the new mail, when I
enter the corresponding INBOX I see briefly that the mail arrived but
it disappears after like half a second.

Have you tried with some other client?  davmail presents an IMAP
interface, so you should be able to setup something like Thunderbird to
test to see if the mails disappear for that (in that case it is a
davmail issue).

Beyond that, I suspect you are going to have to look at both Evo and
davmail logs together to see what's happening - i.e. is it Evo hiding
the message or davmail telling Evo the message isn't there.


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