Re: [Evolution] evolution-ews? message status problem

On Пн., 2015-10-26 at 12:34 +0100, Milan Crha wrote:
On Fri, 2015-10-23 at 22:10 +0300, Danila Reznichuk wrote:
This is not a shared mailbox, if you mean in ms exchange style
This is user's mailbox. I have second ews account and i authorize as
user of this mailbox

okay, it's not that common, but it is available. I wasn't sure which
method you use.

Any changes made by my colleagues, or by me in evolution 3.10 (from
Ubuntu repositories) don't sync in 3.18.1
If i move mail to subfolder, it appears there, but don't remove from

Could you run evolution 3.18.1 from a terminal with the logging on:
   $ EWS_DEBUG=2 evolution &>log.txt

Then let it do its after-run duties and, once the log will stop
growing, try to reproduce the issue with the steps you gave? That is:
a) make a change in the account from another instance, if it's in
   the evolution, then move to a different folder there, thus it's
   ensured the changes will be saved to the server
b) move to a different folder and back in the evolution 3.18.1 as well,
   which will cause update of the folder content.

If you mark the place in the log.txt file before this test start, then
you should see what was added into the log, and eventually also see
that the evolution downloaded any changes, or that the server returned
no changes for this account/folder. The later might not be it,
especially if 3.10.x works as expected, because both are using the same
protocol (both are talking to the server the same way). That might mean
that there's an issue in the evolution-ews 3.18.1 version.
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Thank you for you reply
For sure i performed clean install Ubuntu 14.04 server and compiled
evolution 3.18.1

I noticed some confidential data in log, so I'll sent it to your mail

Next steps were made in outlook 2013:
After each step evolution was refreshed by f5

Mark message as read ( no reaction )
Mark message as unread ( no reaction )

Move message to subfolder ( message created in folder and deleted from

Mark message as read ( no reaction )
Move message back to Inbox ( Message moves correctly )

Sometimes message moves with proper status (read/unread), but sometimes
I cant understand logic
I'll try to reproduce with logs if it needed

Thank you.

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