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  • Suggestions., Jason Sauders
  • Full screen color management, Richard Hughes
  • Tabs and windows theory/idea, David Mulder
  • GNOME Shell 2.29.1 released, Owen Taylor
  • Why does Gnome-shell replace the current gnome-panel., Apoorva Sharma
  • Creation of Plugins/Gadgets for the Sidebar, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Alexandre_V=E1zquez?=
  • Where is the trash?, Richard Kolodziej
  • alt-tab interface proposal, Richard S
  • Mutter 2.29.1 released, Owen Taylor
  • Re: Is the Minimize button still useful with gnome-shell ?, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Fran=E7ois_Jaouen?=
  • idea for notifications, Shane.Nuessler
  • clutter 1.2 branched, Emmanuele Bassi
  • personalised layout of overlay, Shane.Nuessler
  • Why nested alt-tab?, Gregory Petrosyan
  • JSLint and JavaScript: The Good Parts., Lex Hider
  • RE: gnome-shell-list Digest, Vol 17, Issue 10, Shane.Nuessler
  • Switched to Clutter 1.2, Owen Taylor
  • How to change the font in activity panel of gnome shell?, Xueqian Zhao
  • displaying backgrounds in gnome shell ... ..., dan
  • Delete/Add Workspaces, Yu Chen
  • message tray improvements, Florian Scandella
  • [PATCH 2/2] [messageTray] add option to disable autohide, Florian Scandella
  • [PATCH 1/2] [messageTray] apply background to summary only, Florian Scandella
  • gnome-shell + docky, Florian Scandella
  • Feature request... ... changing the shape of the work space window in mosaic mode etc., dan
  • Editing the look/style/theme etc of gnome shell suggestion ... ..., dan
  • Problems executing gnome-shell, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Pi=F1eiro?=
  • Gnome-shell not for netbook?, omer akram
  • Work space switching, am I missing something ? ... ..., dan
  • GSoC project question, Evan Kroske
  • Re: Two Problems, One Solution., Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy
  • Looking for colourful advice, Joseph Scheuhammer
  • Re: Dragging and dropping to hidden windows, William Jon McCann
  • Re: Sujestion in shell, Richard Silver

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