Re: Why does Gnome-shell replace the current gnome-panel.

On 03/23/2010 11:22 AM, Apoorva Sharma wrote:
Right now, gnome-panel is an extremely customizable and useful application. Thanks to the many applets that have been written, it is getting better every month. Furthermore, many of the improvements that are being made to linux distributions are being made to the panel (i.e. the MeMenu in ubuntu lucid). Meanwhile, in gnome-shell, the new panel presents the user with an activities button, which opens the overlay, a useless indication of the current running application, a clock, a notification area, and a user menu.

In my opinion, the gnome-shell panel is a tremendous step backwards from the current gnome panel. It loses the customizability, the applets, and puts much of the efforts of current distributions, (i.e. ubuntu lucid's application indicators, the messaging menu, etc.), to waste.

I don't understand why Gnome-shell doesn't simply use the current gnome-panel, with two modifications: an applet that works like the current Activities button (which sends a signal to open the overlay), and if needed, a current application indication. Is there something I'm missing, or a reason why we need to replace the current, functional gnome panel?

Apoorva Sharma
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Yeah, the only thing I dislike about Gnome-Shell is that I can't use the DockBarX or Panflute applets. However, the current panel in Gnome-Shell, for better or worse, is designed to be integrated with the rest of the desktop (while the Gnome 2 panel can work without the rest of Gnome). I'm not exactly a fan of things being so tightly integrated either, but I guess there have to be some times when things have to break backwards compatibility so we can innovate.

If you've been following this mailing list as long as I have, you'd have come across a few emails about "add-ons" (firefox-style) for the shell that will replace the current types of customization we now have in Gnome 2. Bear in mind that Gnome-Shell isn't finished yet (isn't it supposed to be released all the way in september?) and the ability to customize your panel to an extent is planned for the future... I think.

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