Re: Why nested alt-tab?

Personally I like the nested alt tab I just think that should be a modal that requires further input. This would allow a user better application navigation and management.

Example of better functionality:

If alt+tab press lasts less than X amount of time, switch to previous app.

If alt+tab lasts longer than X then the menu stays up and tabs go horizontally through the menu and alt's go vertically. Space or enter will choose current app.

Mouse would still be able to navigate through the menu. Hovering over a parent item will show children. Hovering over child will bring an item preview to the center of current destop to  and make alt tab interface semi transparent.

Right click on parent to allow for functions(open new window, etc)

Dragging child from one divider to another would move a window to different virtual desktop.

It quickly could be made into quite a powerful interface.

Please comment.

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On Mar 14, 2010 7:36 PM, William Wolf <throughnothing gmail com> wrote:

I'll +1 this as well in case it helps. In fact the nested alt+tab
switcher is the thing I like the least about gnome-shell. I run my
own modified version that eliminates the nesting thumbnails completely
and just makes alt+tab switch apps only. I then use the
metacity/mutter "cycle_group" shortcut to cycle to the window that I
want inside of that app (but usually its the last used window anyhow.)
I also prefer alt+tab to bring all windows of the selected
application to the front, leaving the most recently one focused, of
course. I think this fits into the app-centric mentality that
gnome3/gnome-shell is trying to emphasize/foster.

Just my 2 cents.

On Sun, Mar 14, 2010 at 9:21 AM, David Mulder <greatslovakia zoho com> wrote:
> Just thought I would +1 this issue, as this stroke me as rather odd as well
> when seeing it the first time. Practically alt+tab is used to only cycle
> through the last two or three windows and not even that much to find a
> single window (at least that's how I use it and how I have seen a most (if
> not all) others use it as well). I can't think of any good UI, but at the
> very least the nested UI seems to be decreasing rather than increasing
> efficiency.
>  David Mulder
> On Sat, Mar 13, 2010 at 11:19 AM, Gregory Petrosyan
> <gregory petrosyan gmail com> wrote:
>> Sorry if this is explained in details somewhere, but here's my question:
>> why
>> on earth does gnome-shell use "nested" alt-tab? IMO the whole idea of
>> Gnome-Shell is "flat instead of nested" (which makes perfect sense), and
>> which
>> makes overlay mode so good.
>>        Gregory
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