Re: Why nested alt-tab?

I don't understand, why change alt-tab thing at all? Everybody is familiar
with alt-tab so much that people even don't turn on their brains when using
it. Every major change will be a major pain for everybody who is used to
current alt-tab behaviour, and when the change actually decreases usability...

Why reinvent the wheel is the question you're asking?
In a case where we conclude that the current ways of doing things is the best there ever will be we can stop developing Gnome Shell  totally since the optimal way of operating your desktop is already here.

Anyhow. The current alt-tab switcher is has functionality very much like the so called Superbar of Windows 7. I would like to make a request for a Gnome-Shell addon: Rip out the current alt-tab and place it as a persistant bar down at the bottom.


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