Re: Two Problems, One Solution.

I think it would be neat to have main apps like FF have a # of tabs near the close symbol when in overview mode ad if you click the number you get an overview of all of the tabs.

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On Mar 2, 2010 7:45 AM, Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy <pclouds gmail com> wrote:

On 2/25/10, Apoorva Sharma <appi2012 gmail com> wrote:
> Gnome shell's method of switching and starting applications is quite original,
> and very useful. However, is suffers from one main drawback: the system for switching
> between open windows. Since the windows are shown as scaled down previews without
> titles in the overview, finding the window you want becomes difficult. This is
> because of two main reasons:

There are titles in overview mode, below each thumbnail. Although I
admit I rarely look at them, too small compared to window previews.
And the previews have all my attention from the first glance.

> Another problem, not specific to gnome shell, but rather to all operating systems,
> is the notion of tabbed browsing, tabbed documents, etc. Basically, many applications
> have implemented systems to allow what used to take multiple windows to be done
> in one, by tabbing the content of the windows. Lets take a look at some applications
> that have implemented this:
> Firefox
> Epiphany
> Nautilus
> The new GIMP
> Pidgin
> Epiphany
> Gedit
> etc.Furthermore, some applications would benefit from this, but haven't implemented
> tabs yet, e.g. OpenOffice
> The functionality provided by the tabs in these applications is the same. This
> is a lot of redundant code.
> To solve this issue and the previous one, we can implement tabs in the window
> manager.

I'm thinking of the other way around: think of windows as workspaces
and tabs as windows. Then if applications can "borrow" gnome-shell
features, they could show overview mode inside app windows. More
freedom for applications, less time to wait for a standardized spec.
And applications may be able to choose a better way to represent tabs,
instead of tab thumbnails.

By turning all tabs to windows and let the window manager manage them
all, there would be too many windows, too many tiny, lookalike
thumbnails in overview mode as you said, which does not help at all.
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