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Hello, guess who  :-)

As some may already know I and others have been messing around with the look of gnome shell by editing the style sheet (css file) I started a thread on the ubuntu forums regarding themes/schemes etc and another user has also been using the css to edit the look of the shell, much in the same way I have (and others no doubt)

The user has been experimenting with a background, that is displaying one in overview mode etc, I did try this in response in another thread to someone who wanted to know if it's possible, I tried a little experiment, which didn't go that well. I tried to display a large image in the overview mode, which worked so far as it displayed, but it was very badly aligned and seemed to interfere with the dash, I have since tried adding alignment properties etc, but not had much luck to be honest.

The reason is that the user in the thread has wondered about displaying a repeating image (a small one I think) to give the shell a wooden kind of look, this would expand the scope of how people can make the shell look, for example instead of just colours and gradients (some of which look pretty good) a user could display a small metal image and give the shell the look of steel, or wood for example, carbon fiber etc etc

Is it beyond the scope of the style sheet to do this ? and I assume that in order to complete the look the same image/s and alignments would also need to be applied to the dash ? would there be a recommended image size ? I know from using a large one it doesn't work to well, but a smaller repeating image may be easier to align and control.

Once again many thanks for you help, and thanks for the hard work people are putting in (I still think gnome shell is a good thing, just don't make it the default, give people the option to use it) and once again sorry for the unimportant questions, but if some one does get a minute a thought or 2 on this would be appreciated.


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