Re: Why does Gnome-shell replace the current gnome-panel.

On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 11:22:44AM -0500, Apoorva Sharma wrote:
> Right now, gnome-panel is an extremely customizable and useful application.
> Thanks to the many applets that have been written, it is getting better

The main maintainer doesn't have for it. There is no real progress.

> every month. Furthermore, many of the improvements that are being made to
> linux distributions are being made to the panel (i.e. the MeMenu in ubuntu
> lucid). Meanwhile, in gnome-shell, the new panel presents the user with an

That is Ubuntu specific and not a panel improvement.

> activities button, which opens the overlay, a useless indication of the
> current running application, a clock, a notification area, and a user menu.
> In my opinion, the gnome-shell panel is a tremendous step backwards from the
> current gnome panel. It loses the customizability, the applets, and puts
> much of the efforts of current distributions, (i.e. ubuntu lucid's
> application indicators, the messaging menu, etc.), to waste.

Again, Ubuntu specific. This wasn't developed upstream (in GNOME).

> I don't understand why Gnome-shell doesn't simply use the current
> gnome-panel, with two modifications: an applet that works like the current
> Activities button (which sends a signal to open the overlay), and if needed,
> a current application indication. Is there something I'm missing, or a
> reason why we need to replace the current, functional gnome panel?

GNOME 3 will still have a gnome-panel, so you can still use it if you

Per above, discussion regarding keeping gnome-panel is not needed
(aside from being pretty offtopic for gnome-shell-list; gnome-shell
developers do not decide if gnome-shell is in the default config), you
will be able to use it if you wish. Of course, it'll keep the existing
developer focus (almost none, interesting that you have a different


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