Re: gnome-shell + docky

nice, have to try this.

to be honest, i really don't like the notification system like it is
implemented now. i would like to try out notify-osd from ubuntu, but for
this i have to figure out how to disable the notifications in
gnome-shell first (maybe i'll write a patch to disable it via gconf the
next week or so). the only thing missing would be the notifications
about windows wanting attention, but i definitely *don't* want a popup
for this. just a small icon somewhere would be ok (main panel or
floating somewhere on the screen, not hidden in the collapsed
come to think of it, the position of the message tray would be ok, just
make it transparent (or just as big as needed) and always visible (so
you always see the active notification icons in the right lower corner).
the notification popups could then appear as a kind of bubble over the
respective icon.


On Fri, 2010-03-05 at 13:46 -0800, Sandy Armstrong wrote:
> Docky is now split out from gnome-do, and is its own program:
> In the latest versions of Docky, you can have one or more docks, and
> they can occupy any side of your screen.  So you could run a dock on
> the left or right instead of the bottom to work around this issue.
> Of course, I still keep my dock on the bottom, and am also having
> trouble with the notifications appearing where they do.  Perhaps you
> could file a bug to request that the notifications show up in a
> customizable location?
> Sandy
> On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 1:01 PM, Florian Scandella <flo chilicode com> wrote:
> > hi,
> >
> > After running gnome-shell some time with the sidebar as a sort of
> > application launcher, i tried out docky (gnome-do) a week ago. and i'm
> > loving it! i only use the docky part, not gnome-do itself, as sort of an
> > taskbar + quick launcher with autohide on the bottom of the screen.
> > it was the perfect fit for gnome-shell ... until the new notification
> > area came. now the notifications appear over the icons from docky.
> >
> > i just wanted to know what the plans are regarding something like docky
> > is, eg planned interoperability or something new but similar (gnome-do
> > is a bit overkill for just using it as a taskbar, but it's working good
> > right now).
> >
> > flo
> >
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