Re: Why nested alt-tab?

On Sun, Mar 14, 2010 at 09:31:49PM -0700, Richard Silver wrote:
> Personally I like the nested alt tab I just think that should be a modal that
> requires further input. This would allow a user better application navigation
> and management.
> Example of better functionality:
> If alt+tab press lasts less than X amount of time, switch to previous app.
> If alt+tab lasts longer than X then the menu stays up and tabs go horizontally
> through the menu and alt's go vertically. Space or enter will choose current
> app.
> Mouse would still be able to navigate through the menu. Hovering over a parent
> item will show children. Hovering over child will bring an item preview to the
> center of current destop to  and make alt tab interface semi transparent.
> Right click on parent to allow for functions(open new window, etc)
> Dragging child from one divider to another would move a window to different
> virtual desktop.
> It quickly could be made into quite a powerful interface.
> Please comment.

I don't understand, why change alt-tab thing at all? Everybody is familiar
with alt-tab so much that people even don't turn on their brains when using
it. Every major change will be a major pain for everybody who is used to
current alt-tab behaviour, and when the change actually decreases usability...

What is wrong with Vista-style "flat list of previews + icons + window title
line" style of alt-tab?


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