Work space switching, am I missing something ? ... ...


I have been playing around with the css to change the look of gnome shell, but I can't help but feel Ive missed something, I know that gnome shell is at an early stage and some things may not work, or won't be the same come the rc's

But what are the big workspace left and right arrows in the theme for ? I installed from the testing ppa, but I haven't seen the arrows anywhere when switching windows and workspaces, did I miss something ? there are elements in the css for the arrows as well, do I need to use a specific key combination to get them to work, like alt+tab or something ?


“ All of us are travelers lost,
our tickets arranged at a cost
unknown but beyond our means.

This odd itinerary of scenes
--enigmatic, strange, unreal--
leaves us unsure how to feel.
No post-mortem journey is rife
with more mystery than life. “

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