RE: Is the Minimize button still useful with gnome-shell ?

While I do like the idea of maximized windows losing their redundant title bar, the problem with your complete idea is you cannot close or minimize an unfocused window.

> Subject: Re: Is the Minimize button still useful with gnome-shell ?
> From: saunierthibault gmail com
> To: francois jaouen laposte net
> Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 09:56:36 -0300
> CC: gnome-shell-list gnome org
> Hello,
> I have thought a bit about this issue, and my question is what is the
> titlebar for? I think there is plenty of unused space on this bar, and
> it would be better to simply remove it when the window is maximized
> (that's what I have done for a while here). I am actually thinking about
> something like how ubuntu-netbook-remix works with maximus
> (, we would have a button to close (unmaximise could be a double
> click or we could also have another button) the window on the top panel
> (along with the icon of the current application), and when we click on
> this little application icon, we could have an animation to show that
> the window goes to the top left, which means the overview (it could be
> in another place if we decide to change it).
> When the window isn't maximized, we would have a titlebar (still the
> same way as it works with ubuntu-netbook-remix/maximus), this titlebar
> would have only a "maximize' button, the window icon on the top panel
> would have a cross to close the application, and click on this icon
> would have the same effect as before (show that the window is going to
> the overview).
> I hope you understand what I mean, and that it could help us all! I
> would like to have opinons about this idea.
> ps: sorry for not create mockups but I am to bad at it!
> On Thu, 2010-03-18 at 22:55 +0100, François Jaouen wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > (My previous post seems to have vanished away so here is my second try)
> >
> > I've started to play with the very promising gnome-shell and, at first,
> > I was quite confused when I minimized a window and saw it disappeared
> > around the Activities label without any clue to restore it back !
> >
> > Then I remembered that gnome-shell is all about using several workspaces
> > and I decided to leave my habit of working with only one workspace (ten
> > years of MS Windows practice is bound to take its toll) and started to
> > organize my windows into several workspaces. Half an hour later, I was
> > very comfortable with it.
> >
> > Hence my (open) question : Is the Minimize button still useful with
> > gnome-shell ? Wouldn't it be more in sync with gnome-shell to have
> > instead a collapse behind the title bar behavior as in emerald (double
> > click on the title bar) ?
> >
> > François
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