Re: Gnome-shell not for netbook?

I think there has been some regression recently as new features are
added, this is a natural part of the development cycle I wouldn't
judge its performance just yet, it is much more sensible to optimise
the code after the features are in place.

I came back to shell after a month away because of reinstalling and it
has even started lagging on my desktop Geforce 8800 since the hot
corner effects.  I should imagine that if old hardware can run compiz
then it should be fine.

On 5 March 2010 07:50, Joern Konopka <cldx3000 googlemail com> wrote:
> 2010/3/4 omer akram <om26er gmail com>
>> I have been using gnome shell on my netbook for a few days now and
>> whenever there are 3-4 apps opened on a single works space the animation
>> when any application is brought to the front is very much laggy. So the
>> netbook hardware not as powerful to support gnome-shell?
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> I was wondering about that too, what exaclty are minimum requirements to
> guarantee a fluid working environment? Ive been running gnome-shell on my
> Acer Aspire One for a while and it behaves so-so, most of the time i blame
> it on gnome-shell being in the middle of development thus i dont file a bug
> for every little lag i experience, but it would be interesting if there is
> some kind of Minimum Requirements Description at all? Or maybe some values
> gnome-shell is aiming to be run with in a nice fashion looking further down
> the Roadmap.
> Is there any discussion going on about making more GPU-heavy Operations
> (like repositioning all Windows at once) an Opt-In so they will just not be
> used on older/smaller/slower systems or does gnome-shell aim at slower
> systems in the first place? After all, we all love our animations but
> everybody gets kinda frustrated if you dont get around to do what you wanted
> to do.
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