Re: Creation of Plugins/Gadgets for the Sidebar


your interest in GNOME Shell is very much appreciated! It is great to
see that kind of interest not only from users, but from application
developers as well.

On mar, 2010-03-23 at 11:52 +0100, Alexandre Vázquez wrote:
> But I already have a few of questions about that. Sorry I they are
> very stupid or illogical.

Don't worry, stupid and illogical questions are part of the job ;)

... and your question are not at all stupid or illogical!

>       * At this moment, I can create a 'gadget/plugin' that interacts
>         with the Sidebar of the GNOME Shell?

Yes, but it is probably not a good idea right now. The sidebar is pretty
much unmaintained - it will either change significantly (in terms of
both design and code) or be removed entirely.

>       * At this moment, I can create a 'gadget/plugin' that interacts
>         with the 'Message Try' (Down of the Screen) of the GNOME
>         Shell?

No, you can't - it is planned to let applications integrate with the
message summary (those icons in the bottom right corner) instead of
(ab)using the status notification area, but right now there's nothing
except mockups[1] (I think there are more current mockups, but I'm
unable to find those right now).

GNOME Shell has some (rudimentary) support for extensions[2] which can
be used to extend the core interface (think Firefox add-ons here), but
it's probably not what you want - it depends on the kind of application
you want to integrate, but chances are that the message summary is the
way to go.

This means that you probably should either wait until there's an API to
integrate with the message tray or (preferably!) join the discussion
about what kind of API is needed by application developers.

>       * At this momento, is there any 'gadgets/plugin' inside the
>         gnome-shell trunk?

There are the existing sidebar widgets[3] - as mentioned before, the
future of those is completely uncertain, so it does not make too much
sense putting any effort in here.

I hope those answers didn't disappoint you too much - we definitively
want applications to integrate into GNOME Shell, it is just not very
clear yet how's it gonna look like.


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