Switched to Clutter 1.2

I've now landed patches in gnome-shell and Mutter to support and require
the recently released Clutter 1.2 version. Some notes:

 * If you are using the build instructions from 
   live.gnome.org/GnomeShell, then there are some issues in switching
   to the correct branch of Clutter. (*) The recommended procedure 
   for updating:
    # Remove the old Clutter checkout
    rm -rf ~/gnome-shell/source/clutter
    # Build all modules from scratch
    jhbuild build -afc

 * Clutter-1.2.0 doesn't properly handle the GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE_ARB
   extension that is required to get gnome-shell working on some
   hardware (in particular on Radeon 3xx and Radeon 5xx chips)
   Some fixes for this have been landed in Clutter Git, but there is
   still one outstanding.


 * With the Radeon driver I'm also seeing a problem where when a 
   window is resized it draws at the new size as black, then draws
   correctly. I haven't tracked this down yet, so I'm not sure if
   it's a driver bug or a Clutter/Mutter bug.

Try it out, report new problems you find. There are likely some rough
edges that will take a few days to sort out.

- Owen

(*) jhbuild doesn't handle the branch switch perfectly, and there are
some leftover stale files in the build tree that can cause problems.

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