Re: alt-tab interface proposal

On 3/21/10, Richard S <corn13read gmail com> wrote:
> Personally I like the nested alt tab that gnome. I think that the interface should
> be a modal that semi-requires further input. This would allow a user better application
> navigation and management.

Some input. My computer has just crashed, and I've been with
gnome-panel for sometime. Before I go back to gnome-shell, I notice
this. With gnome-panel's alt-tab, the title is more important to me to
identify which window I want to switch to. I may spend more than a few
seconds just to alt-tab to a title I want.

Now I expect myself to spend less than, say, two seconds to switch to
any window. With overlay mode, it's completely satisfying. The "if
alt-tab lasts longer than X" condition does not make me happy. If I
need to spend just as much time as I do with gnome-panel's alt-tab,
I'd rather have gnome-panel's alt-tab back.

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