Re: Is the Minimize button still useful with gnome-shell ?

On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 4:34 PM, Thibault Saunier
<saunierthibault gmail com> wrote:
> On Wed, 2010-03-24 at 10:18 -0400, Mark Curtis wrote:
>> While I do like the idea of maximized windows losing their redundant
> title bar, the problem with your complete idea is you cannot close or
> minimize an unfocused window
> In the actuall situation the problem exits to. But if you go to the
> overview you can close unfocussed windows very easily!

There's a worse problem: how do you move the current window if you
don't have a titlebar that you can grab?

Personally, I like the titlebar-less approach. In fact, I use a custom
theme that removes the titlebar from every single window, leaving only
a border which is brighter for the selected window. However, the main
problem while using this theme is that the only way to move the window
is to press Alt+mouse dragging, which is not very comfortable.

It would be nice if there was some other way to move the window. Any idea?

Fernando Carmona

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