Re: Is the Minimize button still useful with gnome-shell ?

On Sat, 2010-03-20 at 19:01 +0100, Rovanion Luckey wrote:
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> Yeah, that makes sense. The left side of the window could have "left"
> and "right" buttons for workspace switching (makes the feature more
> obvious to new users). It'd make it look a little more "balanced" (two
> buttons on each side), wouldn't it? The program icon can go right
> before the window title (saves space and looks better than sitting in
> the corner IMO).
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> Tough the one does not have to exclude the other as my friend here
> pointed out. Sometimes you simply want a a window to go away for a
> while, not having it pop up on another workspace. So removing this
> feature goes against Gnome Shell guidelines dictating that the user
> should be able to work in a focused manner on a task. The user would
> not be able to hide away ie chatwindows effectively.
> And on the balancing point. I don't know if that would result in the
> title bar being any more "balanced" since the movement-buttons could
> range from zero to four. Or maybe there should always be one button
> visible even tough there is only one workspace open, and this button
> would open up a second workspace and then move the window to that
> workspace.
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Changing it to a workspace switcher button makes sense, but to make it
simple shouldn't it just open a floating menu with options based on the
workspaces as they are presently configured with a couple extra options
on the bottom, rather than add multiple buttons?


[1] [2]
[*] [4]
[C] [+]


# - # of workspace
* - current workspace (most probably greyed out)
C - Closet workspace (if that idea is used)
+ - create a new workspace and send the window there. 


Glen Patras

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