Editing the look/style/theme etc of gnome shell suggestion ... ...


I have been editing the style sheet that controls the look of gnome shell, and thinking about easy ways that new styles etc could be applied to it, it's pretty much inevitable that people will want to change the look of it, so how to easily apply a new look ?

One way is the way me and others have been doing it, backing up the theme folder etc and then overwriting it with the edited css etc, this may not be that easy for some people, and to be honest it is a little bit of a hassle.

So I wondered about having some kind embedded editor, like the looking glass feature (I don't know if you can edit the js with it) would it be possible to have a command that could be entered in the run dialog, this would bring up an editor that shows the various elements of the shell, eg - element 1 - app menu or such like, then under each section would be the options for changing it, maybe some kind of colour picker ? and perhaps the ability to add/remove transparency etc If not would it be possible to have gnome shell interface with the gnome colour chooser for example, have a setting in the gnome colour chooser that deals with gnome shells aspects allowing the user to change colours, etc ?

I would be interested if this has been discussed at all, although I suspect as this point in development it may not be a priority.

One last thing before I go, the panel, would there be plans to allow it to auto hide ? (if not it's a feature I'd request) and on the panel subject would it be possible to have an option to switch the time to 24 hour mode please, I prefer that layout (as do a lot of others) and editing the panel.js is a pain in the backside every time you update it, please. thank you.

Many thanks.

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