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  • [xslt] libxslt optimizations/performance, Gennady Feldman
  • [xslt] xsl:message, Philipp Dunkel
  • [xslt] Thread Safety Changes, Peter Jones
  • [xslt] xsltproc memory consumption w/ large DTD / docbook, Michael Weiser
  • [xslt] xmlns and error message, Hubert Carvallo
  • [xslt] Reentrance with libxslt, Andreas Bille
  • [xslt] multiple files generation directory, Bro1
  • [xslt] Change of policy w.r.t. mails, Daniel Veillard
  • [xslt] xsltCleanupGlobals() question,
  • [xslt] Warning about xmlns URIs?, Norman Walsh
  • [xslt] "re-use" LibXSLT compiled stylesheet collection, Johann Richard
  • [xslt] Getting files names, Dmitry Kasabutsky
  • [xslt] libexslt(4) man page, Jonathan Wakely
  • [xslt] A test that succeeds in libxslt-1.0.23 gets a seg fault in libxslt-1.0.24, Jean Anderson
  • [xslt] libxslt 1.0.24 bus error in make check, dl-pdsupport
  • [xslt] xsltproc for very large documents?, Stuart Hungerford
  • [xslt] libxslt-1.0.24 -- libxstl.4, libexslt.4 manpages => man3, Peter Breitenlohner
  • [xslt] Xalan vs libxslt report,
  • [xslt] Release of libxslt-1.0.24, Daniel Veillard
  • [xslt] XPath functions arguments, Alexey Efimov
  • [xslt] extending the LibXSLT Perl binding, roger . day
  • [xslt] Difference versions,
  • [xslt] Re: [xml] Help Needed- XSLT using SAX, Daniel Veillard
  • [XSLT] libxslt for windows: xsltSaveResultToString, Michael Stier
  • [xslt] Re: API docs typos, Jonathan Wakely
  • [xslt] This could be a Perl question, Walter Hansen
  • [xslt] xlstproc from Ant - can't create directories using -o?, Craig Goss
  • [xslt] Re: libxslt patch: str:encode-uri and str:decode-uri, Daniel Veillard

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