Re: [xslt] Reentrance with libxslt

Hello, and thanks for the help.

>> if I want to use libxslt in an environment in which several, possibly 
>> competing threads use libxslt, I have the following
>> problem: The style-sheets I use normally contain some call to the 
>> 'document'-function with some kind of

>  This is extremely confusing since document() is part of the
> default XSLT functions available.

Yes, but the standard does not specify the URI-schemes the document
function has to be able to handle. Particularly, I want to use vendor-specific uris,
and it would be nice to be able to 'configure' knowledge about new
schemes into this function at runtime, but...

>> URI, and this document function I not only want to provide by myself, 
>> but I want to ensure that every thread is allowed to
>> use its own version of this function. Also, because in my environment

>  Then you can't share the stylesheets. You will have to 
> register the function at the transformation context level
> in ctxt->xpathCtxt

>> this document function needs access to several services to
>> perform its work, I need to be able to specify additional arguments to 
>> this function, which are provided if it is called from the XSLT-
>> processor. So, to conclude, I have looked for some variation of the 

>  Use the ctxt->_private field.

... i will try your suggestion first.

>> following kind of API to libxslt:

>   There is nothing in your description justifying to extend or
> change the API. Subscribe to the list if you want to exchange more 
> informations.

With regards,
Andreas Bille

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