Re: [xslt] xlstproc from Ant - can't create directories using -o?

On Tue, Jan 07, 2003 at 06:09:05PM -0500, Craig Goss wrote:
> Daniel:
> It looks to me as though we're being dead-ended in xmlFileOpenW while trying
> to create the file in xmlFileOpenW where fdopen succeeds if the directory
> already exists.  If it doesn't, fdopen fails and we drop back to
> xmlOutputBufferCreateFilename with a null context.  From what I can see no
> attempt is ever made to create the directory chain after that.  This opinion
> is based on a relatively short debugging session so maybe there's more to
> it.

  Strange I remember testing this at least for the the xsl:document
Maybe I forgot to add it to path of the -o option. Can you log this in
bugzilla so I don't loose track of the issue.
  Adding a call to xsltCheckWrite() in xsltproc before calling 
xsltSaveResultToFile() will probably be sufficient.


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