Re: [xslt] libexslt(4) man page


Since you have some experience in this area, would you please construct a 
patch to update the man page. I'm sure others will benefit.

Charlie Bozeman

Quoting Jonathan Wakely <>:

> Hi, I hope this is the right place for this ...
> Can I suggest that the libexslt manpage include something like "to use
> these extensions you must include <libexslt/exslt.h> and call one or
> more of the register functions"
> It's not clear from the man page how to enable the extensions, and it
> doesn't list the exslt headers in the FILES section.
> I see that the libexslt API is listed in doc/libexslt-api.xml but this
> information doesn't seem to appear anywhere else in the docs, so apart
> from reading the exslt.h header there doesn't seem to be any other way
> of finding out how to use the extensions.
> Also, I've just noticed that the libexslt man page is in section 4,
> whereas it should be in section 3.
> Apologies if I'm missing something or if this has already been
> addressed
> in recent changes.
> Keep up the excellent work guys, I'm really enjoying (as much as one
> can :-) using libxslt. Thanks.
> jon
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>  - including blind stupidity."
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