RE: [xslt] xlstproc from Ant - can't create directories using -o?


It looks to me as though we're being dead-ended in xmlFileOpenW while trying
to create the file in xmlFileOpenW where fdopen succeeds if the directory
already exists.  If it doesn't, fdopen fails and we drop back to
xmlOutputBufferCreateFilename with a null context.  From what I can see no
attempt is ever made to create the directory chain after that.  This opinion
is based on a relatively short debugging session so maybe there's more to

425         fd = fopen(path, "w");

(gdb) bt#0  xmlFileOpenW (
    filename=0x10108c98 "../translations/xml/category1/instance1.xml")
    at xmlIO.c:427
#1  0x10108c98 in ?? ()
#2  0x00453452 in xmlOutputBufferCreateFilename (
    URI=0x22feb3 "../translations/xml/category1/instance1.xml", encoder=0x0,
    compression=0) at xmlIO.c:1862
#3  0x00414339 in xsltSaveResultToFilename (
    URL=0x22feb3 "../translations/xml/category1/instance1.xml",
    result=0x101083e0, style=0x10105e90, compression=0) at xsltutils.c:1163
#4  0x0040f664 in xsltRunStylesheetUser (style=0x10105e90, doc=0x10116270,
    output=0x22feb3 "../translations/xml/category1/instance1.xml", SAX=0x0,
    IObuf=0x0, profile=0x0, userCtxt=0x10115f68) at transform.c:3801
#5  0x00401902 in xsltProcess (doc=0x10116270, cur=0x10105e90,
    filename=0x22fef3 "xml/category1/instance1.xml") at xsltproc.c:451
#6  0x004029a8 in main (argc=8, argv=0x10101620) at xsltproc.c:815
#7  0x61007638 in _libkernel32_a_iname ()
#8  0x6100791d in _libkernel32_a_iname ()
#9  0x004c7bd2 in cygwin_crt0 ()
#10 0x0040103c in mainCRTStartup ()
#11 0x77e814c7 in _libkernel32_a_iname ()

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